Wudang Pai Munich
Our Training Location
Westpark Munich
Wudang Pai Munich
About Our Group

Since 2008, Wudang Pai Munich stands for authentic, traditional training. Our hard, physical practice lays the foundation for later intensive inner work. Main focus lies on developing oneself and obtaining actual fighting skills.

Our Team
Dennis | Zi Heng
Sebastian | Yue Zhen
Group Leader
Training Principles
  • Participate in training on a regular basis
  • Be on time; warm up and stretch already before training starts
  • Practice diligently what you are told by the teacher until he tells you otherwise
  • Repeat and practice what is taught to you also outside of regular training sessions
  • If the teacher is not present at the training site, practice by yourself what you have learned
  • Inform the teacher of any injuries or handicaps before training starts
  • Notify the teacher of any injuries that occur during training
  • If you are late, first approach the teacher
  • If you have to leave training earlier, then inform the teacher before the training starts
  • Do not drink alcohol 24h prior to training
  • The teacher is your one and only contact person for all training-related matters
  • Do not teach and correct others
  • The teacher will decide what he will teach you when and how - depending on your training progress
  • Don't chat during training
  • During partner exercises, adjust your training intensity to the level of your partner
  • Adjust your clothing to the weather conditions and ensure freedom of motion
  • Clothes must not advertise other martial arts schools or carry offensive logos / statements
  • Do not wear any accessories / jewelry / piercings during training
  • Do only drink during dedicated trainings breaks
  • Don't eat during training
  • Ensure personal hygiene, ensure your fingernails to be short
  • Turn off your mobile phones
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